About Professional Athletes of Indiana

Professional Athletes of Indiana, INC’s commitment to providing access to quality education for students was manifested in June 2017. In our first year of existence, PAI will provide youth and their families access to a quality education and supportive professionals. PAI will address the needs of the youth while connecting them with other youth in an effort to reduce their sense of isolation in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana community.

PAI will utilize proven youth development strategies in its out-of-school program. As has been true since its inception, PAI continues to advocate for policies that help disadvantaged youth with regard to safe schools, mental health, personal development, and other important areas.

As a scholarship granting organization, PAI has become a well-respected non-profit organization providing direct services to youth, mentoring and education to youth service providers, and important information to the community at large. From establishing a NFLPA youth programs to bully prevention and education and after-school programs, PAI will assist youth in the transition to healthy, productive adults and provides them with the necessary tools to become leaders in the greater community.

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Founder & CEO
Jermaine Chaney

As the founder of PAI, Jermaine Chaney has been applying his leadership in the insurance/financial services industry for over 10 years. After pursuing his passion for football and playing professionally for the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the National Football League (NFL) in Europe and the U.S., playing for the Indianapolis Colts, he retired and began his work in the insurance and financial world. He started Chaney Financial Group which is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jermaine first focused on health and welfare programs and retirement plans. He became a specialist working with human resource managers on their employee benefit programs. Jermaine uses his unique ability to bring clarity and effectively navigate through the health and welfare issues that he encounters.
Jermaine has been fortunate to continue to expand his team which includes actuarial services, risk management and employee benefits. Chaney Financial Group focuses on servicing small to large size companies in Indiana and some surrounding states. Jermaine has aggressive goals for his company, but is equally concerned with the interests of his clients.

Jermaine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University. He and his family reside on the Northwest side of Indianapolis and attend College Park Church. Jermaine uses his background as a professional athlete to work with area youth through different avenues, including the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and mentoring at local schools. He especially enjoys giving motivational speeches on goal setting, leadership and dream building.


Founder & COO
Brandon Odell Ware

Dr. Brandon Odell Ware works with organizations to improve day-to-day operations, develop strategic direction, link implementation steps to strategy, identify organizational culture, and develop processes to bring about organizational change. Since 2014, Brandon has served as an Adjunct Professor of Economics for the Lacy School of Business at Butler University and the DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University. He teaches MBA and undergraduate courses in Economics, Finance, Statistics, and Strategy.

Dr. Ware’s consulting and executive education activities focus on data analytics, economic forecasting, strategy development, servant leadership, and organizational culture change. He has worked with client firms in the following industries: non-profit, logistics, manufacturing, event planning, food services, life-sciences and construction development. In addition to strategy development, Brandon’s leadership works includes human capital analysis, employee engagement, and building high-performance teams.

Brandon holds a Masters and Doctorate from Washington State University, an MBA from Butler University, and a BA from Murray State University.