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Chaney Financial Group LLC was founded in 2004 by Jermaine Chaney. We help business owners, accredited investors, and entrepreneurs create custom financial solutions to fit their needs, opportunities, and situation. Our focus is making plays that build wealth and help you create a winning plan for retirement.


Founder, Connector Jermaine Chaney, MBA


Managing Partner Dr. Brandon Odell Ware

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  • Matthew, Neurologist

    While working in a busy referral medical center I am very familiar with how quickly life’s circumstances change. Most of us take for granted, to some extent, our health and our ability to earn a living. Since entering the medical profession I have been bombarded with opportunities to protect my earning potential and to insure changes in my health. I have had many conversations with various people, but none has been more insightful and practical than Jermaine Chaney. His knowledge of his industry’s product is unmatched. He conducts his business with rare and much appreciated transparency. I believe that Jermaine’s personal integrity and ethical foundation are unique in his profession. Jermaine has helped me to confidently ensure my family’s financial integrity in the midst of life’s uncertain turns. I fully recommend Jermaine’s financial planning and insurance services with full confidence and without hesitation. I am very pleased with the care and attention that he has given me and my family. I know that you will find him to be equally helpful.
  • Thomas, Publisher

    I have known Jermaine Chaney for approximately eight years and have found him to be a person of integrity with strong moral character and values firmly grounded in his Christian faith. I have sought his advice, and indeed entrusted to him a good portion of my financial portfolio and have no regrets. Jermaine is also a person of warmth and good humor, a devoted husband and father, and active in his church and civic affairs, and I am privileged to consider him a friend.
  • Michael, Dentist

    I am a retired dentist and owned Lakeside Family Dentistry for many years. During the course of my practice, I worked with Jermaine on investments for my children and myself. I always enjoyed working with him and found him to be honest and forthright in all my dealings. I also worked with him on all types of insurance for my business and my personal life. When I retired I was able to cash out many of these and will be able to help my family and my wife for years to come. I am sure that Jermaine will be able to help you with your needs.
  • Deana, Business Owner

    When I retired, my goal was to invest funds to protect the principle and allow for an income- stream. Jermaine was knowledgeable about a variety of products and was able to help me attain my goals. I would highly recommend him.
  • Greg, CEO, Business Owner

    I have known Jermaine Chaney for the last 20 years in both a professional and personal manner. Not only is Mr. Chaney a trustworthy financial advisor to me, but he has also become a close friend. Mr. Chaney has a strong work ethic, is highly intelligent and represents himself and his business practices in the most ethical and professional of standards. Quite honestly, you won't find a more reliable and trustworthy individual than him. Whatever your interaction with Mr. Chaney, I know you will find him to be a confidant you can trust to do what is right for the client.

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